Monthly Archive: August 2015

An Issue of Access to the Racine Public Library

Access to the Racine Public Library is difficult when you have to pay for parking at the meters.

Last week, I was named a trustee of the Racine Public Library. It is a role I take seriously. Access to the public library is a vital component of a community that should be championing equality for its citizens. I served…
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Show Me How SAMR Improves Student Growth

Show me through the looking glass

We are getting to the start of school for many, and I have noticed an uptick in tweets with regards to SAMR. Doing a simple search of the hashtag will produce a cascade of 140 character posts on teacher professional…
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Is Your Learning Really Personalized?

The view from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Discussing personalized learning at this location.

While attending the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative Conference in Appleton, WI, the discussion shifted briefly to “personalized learning”. This discussion prompted my memory of Alfie Kohn’s blog post titled “Four Reasons to Worry About ‘Personalized Learning’“. I recommend every teacher…
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eSports is MORE than a Club!

Guilford students participate in eSports

Scholarships for Competitive Video Gaming in Schools: Would I Kid You? I recently appeared on Vicki Davis’s (@coolcatteacher) podcast, “Every Classroom Matters,” to discuss the eSports initiative we launched in Rockford in the spring of 2015 at Guilford High School….
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