Monthly Archive: August 2016

Simple but Significant Invitations to Learning

A picture of a simple invitation with a wax seal in the middle.

I started teaching in 1999 at Heritage Middle School in Lansing, IL. As a 24 year old, I was the youngest fifth grade teacher in the building by 20 years, and for almost all my students, I was their first…
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The Importance of the Invitation to Learning

A picture of an Apple 3G iPhone box that creates a positive invitation to the device.

From “Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired-and Secretive-Company Really Works“┬áby Adam Lashinsky How a customer opens a box must be one of the last things a typical product designer would consider. Yet for Apple, the inexpensive box merits as much…
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This Passes as Professional Development


Let us forget for a moment this tweet came out of professional development focused around SAMR, an extremely subjective teacher-centered self-assessment tool and not a student-centered learning construct. Let us focus on what was happening when this Apple Distinguished Educator tweeted…
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