Physical Spaces

My Interview on Education Matters

Chicago public radio studio

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dwayne Olson on the WGTD 91.1 radio program “Education Matters.” It was a great opportunity to talk about virtual learning and libraries. I cannot embed the audio from the interview, but…
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The Importance of the Invitation to Learning

A picture of an Apple 3G iPhone box that creates a positive invitation to the device.

From “Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired-and Secretive-Company Really Works“ by Adam Lashinsky How a customer opens a box must be one of the last things a typical product designer would consider. Yet for Apple, the inexpensive box merits as much…
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Mediocrity is Expensive

Indoor playground at the Commons in Columbus, Indiana.

“Mediocrity is expensive,” is a phrase attributed to J. Irwin Miller. He was the head of the Cummins Engine Company and the main benefactor who transformed Columbus, Indiana from a small run-of-the-mill midwest town into one of the top 10 architectural hotspots in…
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Beautiful Design Can Mask Hidden Flaws

A picture of the upstairs fireplace at Wingspread in Racine

Almost two weeks ago, I visited the Frank Lloyd Wright designed home in Wind Point, Wisconsin named “Wingspread” (you can visit free of charge). This beautiful home, one that is on the National Register of Historic Places, hides its flawed design…
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Research into Ideal Digital Learning Spaces

A picture of notes and lists

Research conducted on the use of technology and digital learning spaces has told us about practices that produce evidence of student knowledge creation (CAST, 2011; Mitra, Dangwal, Chatterjee, Jha, Bisht, & Kapur 2005; Papert, 1993) beyond using a computer to simply…
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From 1851: Articles Indispensable in Schools of Every Grade

Taken from the book “Practical illustrations of the principles of school architecture.: By Henry Barnard.,” I found the following. It describes those materials that all schools of best practice should include back in 1851. Some things seem very familiar. They…
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