Do Not Be Afraid to Cull the edu-Twitter Herd

Need to cull the social media herd? These are awfully busy screens.

Almost a month ago, Dan Rezac posted “What Twitter’s Growth Problem Means for Educators” on Medium. One of the points Dan makes in his post is: Twitter still cares too much about celebrities. I agree. There are some edu-Twitter elite who…
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EdTech Isn’t Simple, Nor Should It Be

How does a potential doctoral candidate spend their early Saturday evening after submitting their candidacy exam on Friday afternoon? By re-reading some of the research included in my exam. In one particular piece (McLoughlin & Lee, 2010), I rediscovered some…
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If space impacts behavior . . .

If space impacts behavior, then how does your student’s digital space impact their behavior? Is it locked down, or can they define it? — James O’Hagan (@jimohagan) March 4, 2015