Want to Minimize Culture Shift? Then Don’t Bother.

Udaipur IND - Street shot

Let me jump right in and unpack the following session description from a recent EdTech conference. Putting the Pieces Together Is incorporating technology the dreaded “one more thing” teachers feel you’re adding to their already full plates? In this workshop…
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Schools Will Save eSports

A photo of an Xbox controller. Will it be used for eSports in schools?

The future of sports is eSports. And schools will save eSports. Schools saving eSports sounds odd, I know. All the trends for eSports are pointing upward. eSports are growing quickly. In 2005, there were 58 million eSports enthusiasts (defined as…
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Ask Yourself About SAMR

Think about SAMR. Think of how much it is discussed and morphed into graphics and merged with other ideas, like TPACK. Think about how much time people spend talking about it at conferences.  Thought about it? Now consider the following…
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A Closer Look at Flipping

A woman is doing a back flip.

I am a Twitter follower of Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher). I recommend every educator and parent who cares about education follow Vicki and listen to her wonderful podcast. So I am intrigued when I see a tweet like the following from…
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Why Design of Spaces?

Tonight, I was given a tour of the CNVR in Rockford, Illinois. It is truly an amazing space designed to tell stories. From art studio to public performance to video production to audio recording, this space is setup as the…
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