If space impacts behavior . . .


  1. Cory L. Nilsen

    Allowng students to define their digital space places the implications/consequences of their behavior soundly in their shoulders. That said, we need to teach them digital citizenship to go along with that level of freedom, otherwise we’ll be complicit.

    1. jimohagan (Post author)

      I did not suggest total freedom of their space. Only do they have an opportunity to define it. In most schools I have seen, students have almost no freedom to define their digital space. Applications are selected for them. Desktop screens are frozen. Even the arrangement of their icons is pre-determined. It is perfectly OK to provide administrative oversight, but we need to provide a structured freedom.

      Digital citizenship then becomes a discussion if there is freedom to define because, as you stated Cory, the consequence of their behaviors is on their shoulders. And as teachers, we then can teach students how to navigate the digital world appropriately.


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