My Letter to the Editor of The Journal Times (Racine)

An example of a "fake news" ad published in The Journal Times

On October 25, 2017, the Journal Times Editorial Board stated the following:

“Facebook needs to give a full accounting of that meddling and it needs to develop tools . . . to make Facebook and other social media more transparent so that Americans are not duped by foreign propaganda aimed at dividing the country and fueling the rage of zealots of all political stripe.

And social and political activists . . . need to step up their vigilance and do a better job of vetting the websites that come to them offering a helping hand when they are in fact co-opting their causes for a foreign purpose of their own.”

The Journal Times Editorial Board is throwing stones in glass houses.

Several weeks ago, this newspaper (owned by Lee Enterprises) published political advertisements in support of Sandy Weidner crafted to appear similar in format and layout to a news story (see featured image of this post as an example). They were filled with libelous information about now Mayor-elect Cory Mason. This is no different than the range of fake news websites erected during last Presidential election cycle.

The Journal Times Editor-in-Chief, Stephanie Jones, should develop a tool to make The Journal Times more transparent so the citizens of Racine are not duped by local propaganda aimed at dividing the city and fueling the rage of online trolls, who hide behind a sense of anonymity, of all political stripes.

Or she could simply read and properly vet materials along a high journalistic standard missing from social media.

That seems easy to implement right now.

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