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Teacher Audience: The End of “School”

A photo of an empty classroom facing toward an empty teacher desk and blank chalkboard

This post is a derivative of a previous post. This one is written for a teacher audience.  For many generations, “school” has been a place teachers provide learning opportunities for students. Year to year, teachers would dictate a pace and assign lessons to…
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n00b to Competent in League of Legends

This is an image used for Wallpaper of characters from League of Legends developed by Riot Games. I would like to stop being a n00b

I am a complete n00b (newbie). Those of you reading my blog for the first time would likely be unaware that I am somewhat of an eSports evangelist. I have written several times on this growing genre and the importance…
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Student Audience: The End of “School”

Image shows a room full of empty student desks

This post is a derivative of a previous post. This one is written for a student audience.  For many generations, “school” has been a place students attended with little control over time and place. Year to year, students would come to…
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The End of “School”

For many generations, “school” has been a construct that dictated a time and place for learning to occur. Year to year, students would come to a “school” to work on lessons assigned to them without true consideration if they mastered…
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Who is EdTech John Galt?

The photo is of Atlas holding up the world on his shoulders. The book "Atlas Shrugged" includes the character John Galt.

Strange title, I know. Who is EdTech John Galt? The question posed is based in the Ayn Rand novel “Atlas Shrugged.” Many of the themes in this novel extend beyond, and are not relevant, to the point of this post….
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My Interview on Education Matters

Chicago public radio studio

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dwayne Olson on the WGTD 91.1 radio program “Education Matters.” It was a great opportunity to talk about virtual learning and libraries. I cannot embed the audio from the interview, but…
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Simple but Significant Invitations to Learning

A picture of a simple invitation with a wax seal in the middle.

I started teaching in 1999 at Heritage Middle School in Lansing, IL. As a 24 year old, I was the youngest fifth grade teacher in the building by 20 years, and for almost all my students, I was their first…
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The Importance of the Invitation to Learning

A picture of an Apple 3G iPhone box that creates a positive invitation to the device.

From “Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired-and Secretive-Company Really Works“ by Adam Lashinsky How a customer opens a box must be one of the last things a typical product designer would consider. Yet for Apple, the inexpensive box merits as much…
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This Passes as Professional Development


Let us forget for a moment this tweet came out of professional development focused around SAMR, an extremely subjective teacher-centered self-assessment tool and not a student-centered learning construct. Let us focus on what was happening when this Apple Distinguished Educator tweeted…
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Why I Drive for Uber (and now Lyft)

In April 2015, I started driving for Uber in Rockford, Illinois. I still drive for Uber (now in Wisconsin) and also started driving for Lyft as of today. I thought it would be a nice way to make some extra…
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